Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Your Super Bowl moment for today

... comes from Media Day, which the NFL is now calling Opening Night on account of it happens on Monday night instead of Tuesday midday, mainly so the Shield can further mess with newspaper grunts who still have deadlines to meet.

No, it's not Tom Brady getting choked up talking about his father, disproving the prevailing theory that he is an android from the planet Deflatia. And, no, it's not all the silly questions about hair product and What's Your Favorite Pizza and What's The Secret To A Righteous Beard.

(Although the Blob, watching all the video clips, failed to hear a question as awesomely stupid as the one someone asked Bears tight end Desmond Clark on Media Day in 2007. Which was: If Chewbacca was a football player, what position would he play?)

No, sir. The Super Bowl Moment For Today happened when someone asked Bill Belichick, aka Darth Hoodie, to smile, and he actually did.

Well, kinda.

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