Thursday, January 5, 2017

Meanwhile, at College Hoops Central ...

That was a quaint little missive the Big East sent out the other day, reminding everyone that storming the court is Strictly Forbidden in the Big East, and carries an automatic $5,000 fine. Bless their hearts. They actually thought that would work.

Because, of course, it did't.

It didn't, because when you beat the No. 1 team in the nation for the first time in one of the storied basketball venues in America, well, stuff happens. And so the Butler faithful stormed the court at Hinkle last night after the Bulldogs took down top-ranked and defending national champion Villanova 66-58, incurring a fine that will be easily be paid by any number of volunteers.

It was as big a moment as college basketball in Indiana is going to see this year, unless something happens between now and March in Bloomington or West Lafayette or South Bend. And something could, of course. As the Blob noted yesterday, it's a long way to the Madness.

But until then, trying to argue that Butler isn't at this moment the ascendant basketball program in the basketball state is as fruitless a venture as keeping the students off the floor when No. 1 goes down. With Indiana struggling and Notre Dame and Purdue just starting their journey to whatever awaits them in the ACC and Big Ten, Hinkle is the epicenter of college hoops in Indiana.

And the rushing the court thing?

It's a dangerous and stupid practice, frequently abused. But, as the Big East learned last night, completely unavoidable in certain circumstances.

And God bless the 'Dogs, last night the circumstances were certain.

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