Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A fair shake

And now the latest entry in the Blob's Favorite Coaches You Probably Haven't Heard Of Sweepstakes, which you probably hadn't heard of, either, on account of the Blob just invented it.

Today we spotlight Siena coach Jimmy Patsos, a man of evident good humor and perspective who displayed both last night at the end of a contentious 78-68 win over Rider. After a scuffle at the end of the game led to the ejection of two players, Rider coach Kevin Baggett chose to take his team off the floor rather than risk another altercation in the handshake line.

This seemed a reasonable breach of etiquette even to Patsos, who defended Baggett's actions in the postgame. Nonetheless -- and this is the best part -- Patsos chose to pantomime going through the handshake line, anyway, shaking hands with each imaginary Rider player and coach before heading off the locker room.

Gotta love that kind of whimsy in a coach.

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