Friday, January 27, 2017

Your Super Bowl moment for today

... or, in other words, it's time for the return of a Blob hardy perennial, which blooms intermittently in the run-up to the Super Bowl and then disappears for another year.

("Thank God!" you're saying)

At any rate, today's Moment takes us to a gas station in Gainesville, Georgia, where the proprietor has declared he will stop selling Sam Adams beer until after the Super Bowl. This of course begs the question of how much Sam Adams they actually sell anyway in Gainesville, a town of 35,000 souls northeast of Atlanta. But never mind that.

What's interesting here is the proprietor is doing this in response to a column by Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, who wrote the other day that it was hard for Patriots Nation to get fired up to play, ahem, Atlanta.  Mainly this is because Atlanta is notorious for not being a great pro sports town.

Which, sorry, Gainesvillians, is actually true.

Atlanta has never had the rep for being a rabid pro sports town, seeing how they were lukewarm even about the Braves back in the '90s, when the Bravos were winning their division every year and going to the World Series every other year. As for the Falcons and Hawks, Atlanta fans get something of a pass considering most years there hasn't been much about the Falcons and Hawks to get excited about.

The former always seemed to fail spectacularly when the Big Spotlight went on. The latter, until the last couple of years, were simply an NBA face in the crowd that yearly reminded you how long it's been since Dominique Wilkins played for them.

So Shaughnessy was pretty much on point. And there'll be no Sam Adams sold in a certain Gainesville, Ga., gas station. And the Blob eagerly awaits some gas station in Massachusetts to retaliate.

Sorry, folks. No pork rinds until after the Super Bowl.

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