Monday, January 9, 2017

Your NFL wildcard weekend in one spasm of dumbness

And now the Jim Mora Memorial "Playoffs?!" Meme of the Week, in which predictable idiocy is even more idiotic simply because it was predictable ...

The idea that, had Odell Beckham Jr. not spent his day off on a boat in Florida a solid week ago, he would have CAUGHT ALL THOSE FOOTBALLS HE DROPPED, and THE GIANTS WOULD HAVE BEATEN THE PACKERS IN LAMBEAU.

In so many words, THAT IS RIDICULOUS.

First of all, the Giants lost 38-13, not 38-37 on a dropped pass in the end zone by Beckham.

Second of all, the boat trip was attended not just by OBJ by but by fellow wide receivers Sterling Shepard and Victor Cruz.

Third of all, the three combined for 11 catches, almost half of Eli Manning's 23 completions.

 Fourth of all ... it was their day off.

And, yes, I know Get Off My Lawn Guy would tell you they should have spent that day in monk-like silence, sequestered away, poring over their playbooks the way a Responsible Professional would have. Because in Get Off My Lawn Guy's world (which resembles the real world only in passing), this is how Responsible Professionals spend every waking minute of every day before a game, and particularly a Playoff Game.

Why, you wouldn't catch any of the New England Patriots doing what Beckham and Co. did, because they're the New England Patriots, the very paragons of professionalism. I mean, this is Bill Belichick we're talking about. No way you'd catch HIM drowsing the day away on a boat the week before a playoff ga--

Oh. Wait.

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