Sunday, January 15, 2017

Shallow thoughts

... on yesterday's NFL divisional games (aka, The Two Games We Had To Sit Through To Get To The Two Games People Actually Care About, Which Are Today):

1. Oh, goody. The Patriots won. One step closer to going to the movies on Super Bowl Sunday.

2. (Because, come on, it's the Patriots. Like we need to see that again.)

3. Hats off to the Falcons. Whose team motto is "Raising False Hopes Since 1966."

4. (Because you know they're gonna lose next week. They're the Falcons. It's what they do.)

5. And last but not least ... you think the Seahawks and Texans had a bad day? That's nothing compared to the string of bad days the "Los Angeles" Chargers have been having since announcing they're leaving San Diego to go back to a city they couldn't make it in before.

6. A string of bad days which culminated in getting booed at a Clippers game.

7. (Because, you know, that'll happen when you're moving to a city that DOESN'T WANT YOU.)

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