Monday, January 2, 2017

Fans Are Stoopid, Part 3,457

So now comes news that dumbness didn't die with 2016, in fact it apparently gained new life from the turning of a new year, which means we can look forward to even more stunning dumbness in 2017.

(And not just because Training Wheels Mussolini and his merry band of bootlicks and conspiracy kooks are about to inflict their own special brand of craziness on us. But you can't discount that.)

No, this dumbness comes from a fertile source, aka, unhinged fans of various sports teams. In this particular case, it's a couple of fans of Ohio State football, who decided to heap internet abuse on Buckeyes' placekicker Tyler Durbin because he missed a couple of early field-goal attempts.

In, um, a 31-0 loss to Clemson.

Those even mildly conversant with math would point out here that, had Durbin made the two field goals, Ohio State would have still gotten smoked 31-6. But, of course, him missing those field goals so bummed out the Buckeyes that they were overwhelmed by a Clemson team they could have beaten if only A) Durbin had made the field goals, and B) they were actually close to being as good as Clemson, which they weren't.

Sorry, folks. You got beat because you were playing an obviously superior team.  The truth hurts.

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