Wednesday, November 16, 2016


So now we know how valuable preseason college basketball polls are, which is somewhere between Used Hotdog Wrapper and Two Of Hearts In A Game Of Euchre on the Fujita scale of Things That Aren't Worth A Tinker's Damn.

(I totally made that scale up, by the way. I just stuck "Fujita" on it so it would sound official).

At any rate, preseason polls are a testament, apparently, to the notion that, in November, nobody knows nuttin'. This is not to say anyone knows anything any other time of the year -- just look at how many people's brackets wind up a smoking ruin every March -- but they are especially clueelss when the leaves are still falling and no one's bricked an open three in anger yet.

Let's go to the tape, shall we?

Where, last Friday, we saw preseason No. 11 Indiana knock off No.3 Kansas.

Where, last night, Kansas, now ranked No. 7, beat No. 1 Duke 77-75.

Where, also, unranked Baylor beat No. 4 Oregon by 17, No. 22 Creighton beat No. 9 Wisconsin by 12, and No. 13 Michigan State lost to No. 2 Kentucky by 21.

True, that one held to form. But if you're ranked 13th, should you really be getting floor-waxed by 21 while scoring only 48 points?

Sound to me like the polls had the Spartans hiked a bit high. Among all the other stuff they had wrong.

Can't wait 'til next Tuesday, when unranked IPFW stuns IU.

(OK, so probably not. But this time of year, when nobody knows nuttin', who knows?)

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