Sunday, November 6, 2016

Something in the water, or something

So by now everyone who isn't living in a cave knows about the Cubs winning the World Series, and how it had been 108 years since the last time they did it, and how that meant the Curse or the Goat or the Really Really Long Time Between Drinks From The Chalice Of Victory had finally been broken/killed/ended.

What you might not have known is how long that old Cubbie magic decided to hang around Chicago.

Several days, it appears.

That's because Saturday, in Chicago, at Soldier Field, another Curse or Goat or Really Really Long Time Between Drinks From The Chalice Of Victory went bye-bye. This time it was the Irish national rugby team beating the fabled All Blacks from New Zealand (rugby's New England Patriots, kinda-sorta) for the first time since 1905.

That's 111 years to you and me, kids. Winston Churchill was a young buck in Parliament. Louis Bleriot was four years away from becoming the first human to fly across the English Channel. And, yes, the Cubs were still three years away from winning the Series for the last time in 108 years.

Must be something in the water in Chicago. Or something in the air.

Perhaps this.

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