Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fighting the good fight

At least some people didn't lose their minds or their moral center on November 8, so much evidence to the contrary. Some people actually either voted their own interests -- quite the concept, that -- or continued to fight the good fight in at least a peripheral sense.

(A public service announcement from the Blob: This will be the last election-related post I will make. I promise. You can trust me. Really. I'm Donald J. Trump, Training Wheels Mussolini-elect, and I approved this message).

And so the Blob, first of all, takes you out to San Diego, where, unlike a lot of other places in the country, voters didn't fall for the con. A ballot referendum that would have funneled hundreds of millions of dollars of public money toward a downtown stadium for the Chargers was soundly rejected.

The money would have come largely from a tax hike on hotel rooms, which Chargers owner Dean Spanos tried to spin with the old fable that it was only tourists who'd take the tax hit. But the people of San Diego weren't taken in -- figuring, rightly, that a tax hike on hotels would hurt tourism, which in turn would hurt them. And if the hotel tax at some point was no longer raising enough money, they'd be directly in the crosshairs after all.

So the Chargers will likely, at some point, head for L.A., where they've threatened to go before when the voters in San Diego refused to be held up at gunpoint. They'll likely be missed, but not much;  the Chargers, 4-5 right now, were 4-12 last year, have been to the playoffs only once since 2010, and haven't advanced beyond the divisional round since 2007.
Meanwhile, in Mexico ...
It seems F1 race driver Sergio Perez informed the sunglasses manufacturer Hawkers that their just-consummated sponsorship deal was quits, after Hawkers fired off a repugnant post-election tweet joking that, with the ascendancy of Training Wheels Mussolini, Mexicans would need their product to hide their tears when TWM comes to build his fabled wall.

Perez was not amused, announcing immediately that he was ending the sponsorship deal and vowing to “never let anyone make fun of my country.”

Good for him.

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