Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Hono-lulu

Remember last year, when Tom Crean took his Indiana Hoosiers to Hawaii, got spanked twice and was suddenly trending again?

Well. I think that domain name might be available this morning, if you're still interested.

Which you'e probably not.

Probably not, because the No. 11 Hoosiers took down No. 3 Kansas 103-99 in overtime last night in Hawaii in as impeccable a game as you're going to see considering it's November and everyone just rolled out the basketballs, like, five minutes ago. There were 17 lead changes. No one ever led by double digits. In 88 possessions,  Kansas averaged 1.13 points and Indiana 1.16.

Which is to say, they filled it up. And Indiana looked as good on the floor as it had looked on paper coming into this, with James Blackmon going for 26 points and Thomas Bryant posting the 19-10 double-double and OG Anunoby continuing to look like either The Next Big Thing for the Hoosiers, or at least Another Big Thing. The Hoosiers made 15 threes. They shot 48 percent from the arc. Five players scored in double figures, including freshman guard Curtis Jones, who put up 15 off the bench.

In other words, it is viral, who-needs-to-pump-the-brakes optimism season again for Hoosier Nation.

Of course, should they at some point down the road lose to someone they shouldn't, which is not only possible but likely to happen in the long season ahead ...

Well. Like I said, is probably available today. Order now while supplies last.

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