Saturday, July 16, 2016

Your hypothetical for today

So, now that Tom Brady has decided not to take his talents to the Supreme Court ("Awww, darn!" -- Justices Thomas, Alito, Kennedy and Breyer), it's time to play that timeless fave, What If:

1. What if Jimmy Garoppolo turns out to be really, really good?

2. What if, because Jimmy Garoppolo turns out to be really, really good, the Patriots go 4-0 during Brady's four-game sitdown?

3. What if, when Brady comes back and Garoppolo hands him the ball, Brady's not really, really good?

4. What if, because Brady's not really good, the Patriots lose a couple, which could happen because two of Brady's first four games would be at Pittsburgh and at Buffalo?

5. What if the Boston media starts referring to him as "Drew Bledsoe"?

Because, remember, it was Tom Brady who replaced Bledsoe after Bledsoe got hurt, and Brady turned out to be really, really good, and Bledsoe ended up playing for Jerry Jones in Dallas. And that's not something you'd wish on anyone.

But the point here is, Bill Belichick has no sentimentality in these matters. When Brady turned out to be really, really good, Darth Hoodie threw Bledsoe over the side like a bucked of chum, even though Bledsoe had been his QB for eight seasons, and had even taken the Pats to a Super Bowl. The Brady-Belichick connection has obviously lasted far longer with a far greater record of achievement -- but Brady's also pushing 40, so it's not like he has that many years left in the tank, anyway.

And so ...

Jimmy Garoppolo becomes the new Tom Brady!

Hey. Don't look at me like that.

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