Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When politicians go clueless

The Blob has said this until it's blue in the face: Politicians should never, ever, ever talk sports like Just Folks, because A) they're not Just Folks, and B) what politicians know about sports you could fit in a thimble, with room left over for a stretch limo.

(Their preferred mode of transportation).

Alas, they never listen. And so the Blob presents Paul Ryan, who'd already embarrassed himself by waving a Steelers Terrible Towel in Cleveland. (Pro tip: This is like, well, waving a Steelers Terrible Towel in Cleveland). This time, speaking to the Texas delegation at the Republican National Convention about getting behind the party's candidate, no matter what a blustering cartoon character he is, he said this: "When one team advances, to a big bowl game, or a national championship, don't you root for the Aggies ... Don't you root for the Longhorns?"

Um ... no.

No, a Longhorn is never, ever, ever going to root for an Aggie. Or an Aggie for a Longhorn. They might root for, say, an SMU Mustang, because when was the last time an SMU Mustang ever hurt an Aggie or a Longhorn on the football field? But Aggies/Longhorns rooting for Longhorns/Aggies?

Um ... no.

Here's the amazing thing about this: Ryan should know better.  After all, he owns stock in the Green Bay Packers. So he knows about rivalries. I mean, do you think for a second he'd root for the Bears in the Super Bowl?

Heck, no, he wouldn't. So how could he say something so clueless?

Answer: He's an elected official. What he doesn't know, he doesn't know.      

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