Sunday, July 31, 2016

Whine time

I feel Donald Trump's pain. I do.

The Game Show Host thinks it's ridiculous two of his upcoming presidential debates with Hillary Clinton are going up against the mighty Shield, and so he whined about it as only the Game Show Host can whine. Which is to say, he lied through his teeth.

He claimed the NFL complained to him about the debates conflicting with two NFL games, something the Shield matter-of-factly denied. But I still feel for the Game Show Host, even though the debate schedule has been in place for almost a year, and the NFL schedule for several months, too.

I mean, what happens if more people tune in to watch the Saints-Falcons on Monday Night Football Sept. 26  than Trump-Hillary? Or even worse, Tampa Bay vs. Carolina on Oct. 9?

What a blow to the ego that would be for him. Drew Brees and Matt Ryan, more riveting than Donny? Cam Newton with more to say worth hearing than the Game Show Host? But ... but ... he's the most important guy in the world right now! Just ask him!

Of course, I could give him the benefit of the doubt here and suggest this isn't about Donny wanting to be the sole center of attention on those nights. I could suggest he's complaining on behalf of the American people.

Yeah. As if.

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