Sunday, July 24, 2016

Revolt of the fashionista(s)

OK, so maybe cutting it up was a tad over the top. But can you really blame Chris Sale of the White Sox for refusing to hark back to those hallowed days of yesteryear by wearing this mess?

That's what the Sox foisted on its players as a throwback uni the other day, and Sale, the ace of their pitching staff, said "nuh-uh." So he cut the uniforms up so the Sox couldn't wear them, and the Sox scratched him form a scheduled start against the Tigers.

Which, again, was a bit much, probably. And which was even more probably the kind of stunt an angry 5-year-old pulls. And which was even more probably a classic case of not keeping your eye on the prize, because it's the playing of the game that matters, not what you're dressed in.

On the other hand, a man (or woman) does have to have standards.

So, no, the Blob isn't inclined to blame Sale for his fashionista revolt. I mean, if  you're going to Harken Back To Yesteryear, why Harken Back to the 1970s, the decade taste forgot?  Maybe if the guys originally tabbed to wear those monstrosities had balked at doing so, there wouldn't be any monstrosities to Harken Back To today.

The 1976 White Sox unis, after all, have been almost universally panned as the worst uniforms in Major League history. And remember the shorts?


 And, sure, OK, it's not like the first time teams have compelled their players to go out there looking like circus clowns. Remember the Houston Astros old Technicolor Yawn unis? Remember, just a week or so ago, the All-Star Home Run Derby participants being compelled to wear that yellow-and-brown mess the Padres wore in the '70s?

And what was it about the '70s, anyway? Have you gone back and looked at what we all thought was the height of fashion then?

So, yeah, I'm with Sale on this one. There must be standards. And maybe if there were more people willing to stand up for them, we'd never be subjected to whatever that is the Oregon Ducks football team is wearing this week, or IU wearing what seems to be 15 different helmets, including a silver, candy-striped number that looks like what Santa would have worn had he been chosen as one of the Mercury astronauts.

Although it is IU football, so I could understand why they'd want to hide their identity behind an ever-changing array of headgear. But, seriously, people. Seriously.

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