Friday, January 15, 2016

Timeout for grace

Sometimes the sporting life just makes you feel cheap and dirty. OK, a lot of the time.

For instance: Who didn't want to take a decades-long shower after watching the Shawshank Bowl between the Bengals and Steelers, two lawless mobs of punks who gave us a new appreciation for America's incarcerated? Who wasn't nauseated by the NFL's shameless whoring for historically disinterested L.A., which involved a shiv to the ribs of one American city (St. Louis) and the slow torture of two others (Oakland and San Diego, one of whose franchises the league has made clear will be moving to the City of Angels ... well, sometime soon)?

Watching that orgy of unbridled greed made you want to laugh and vomit at the same time, mainly because the market the NFL so lusts after has been a black hole for its product since the Chargers first bailed on it more than 50 years ago. But, by golly, we're re-sending them the Rams, one of the sorriest franchises in the league. That'll work!

No wonder St. Louis' mayor, in the only display of honor in this whole sorry business, got up and basically said, (bleep) on the NFL. We've got the Blues, we've got the Cardinals, we're good.

Made the Blob feel all warm inside. And then it stumbled across this item from back in December, and it was reminded again why our games, done right, mean so much to us and yield so much of value.

God bless that young man. God bless his incredible gesture of respect for a fallen opponent. Everyone else, take note.

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