Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"F" is for "fanatic"

Cam Newton will drive you crazy, and not just because he has a laser for an arm and runs like a bull in Pamplona. He'll also drive you crazy with his unrestrained joy.

So what happens when unrestrained joy collides with unrestrained delusions of grandeur?

Well, then you get this, and a pause here while we all say, "What an idiot." Seahawks fans tend to run the gamut from everyday unbalanced to straight-up nuclear bonkers, but this guy comes with an extra helping. Or two.

Seriously, launching a petition to ban Cam from the Seahawks' stadium the next time the Panthers come to town? What th-?

How exactly this could actually happen is a question best left to those who are convinced Elvis murdered JFK, but the real laff riot here is Ban Cam Seahawks Fan's contention that Cam is the most unsportsmanlike player in the history of professional football, or some such thing. And all because he likes to have fun out there, even when it involves taking one of those ubiquitous "12" flags Seahawks fans like to wave and throwing it joyously to the ground.

If you've seen the video clip, there doesn't seem to be any malice aforethought involved. It's just Cam being Cam. And what did the dope who waved the flag directly in his face think was going to happen?

There's also the small irony of a Seahawks fan calling out a player on another team for being unsportsmanlike. Really? A Seahawks fan? Home of Marshawn "Crotch Grab" Lynch, Richard Sherman and a fan base that thinks it invented the whole 12th-man concept?

(Short pause while the good folks from Texas A&M say, "Ahem.")

Heavens, people. Get a grip already.  Get a grip.

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