Saturday, January 30, 2016

Preventive medicine

In its continuing attempts to not get out of its own way, the NHL has a rule that any selected player who opts out of the league's punchline of an All-Star game gets a one-game sitdown from the commish, Gary Bettman. Which is great except that it makes no allowances, apparently, for guys who have injuries and/or illnesses.

Enter Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks, who's skipping the All-Star game tomorrow because he's apparently legitimately ill.

The NHL's apparent response: Big deal. You're suspended. Next time just bring a barf bag, some Tums and a bottle of Dayquil.

That this just makes the NHL look cruel and stupid is obvious to everyone but the NHL, of course. And it gets you thinking that maybe Toews should have taken precautionary measures to inoculate himself, as it were, against such foolishness.

In other words: He should have sent Bettman a note from this guy's mom.

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