Monday, January 11, 2016

Tidal surge

And now we take time out from wondering how Blair Walsh missed that kick, and how Aaron Rodgers escaped from the kidnappers to replace the guy who's been impersonating him for the last month or so, and why Donald Trump believes the NFL is soft because, you know, watching human beings destroy one another's brains playing a game is a fundamental American right, and not really sick at all if you don't think about it too much.

(Seriously, politicians, or even wanna-be politicians like The Donnie, should never talk about sports. They always come off like flaming buffoons. Thus, Donnie lamenting the way they throw flags for cheap shots to the head now, unlike in the old days when cheap shots to the head were the essence of the game, especially the cheap shots that left players flopping around like gaffed fish. And that part later on when they wound up talking to themselves and living under bridges? Now that's A'murica, by God!)

Anyway ... enough about that. We're setting that aside because Alabama is playing Clemson for the national title tonight, and the Blob has a few thoughts on that, most of which involve whether or not Nick Saban will actually smile if the Crimson Tide wins.

Which it should.

Prevailing wisdom is Clemson has the kind of team that can make trouble for 'Bama, because they have the best quarterback 'Bama has seen all year (Deshaun Watson) and he'll be able to spread the field and take shots deep, which everyone agrees is the best way to attack the Tide. I'd like to think so. In fact, I'd like to see Clemson pull it off, mainly because I like their coach -- the irrepressible and exquisitely named Dabo Swinney -- and because Clemson hasn't won a national title in 35 years. And it might not win one for another 35 years.

Alabama, on the other hand, wins the national title every other year, or so it seems. So the Tide can wait.

Not likely it will have to, however. It has the Heisman Trophy winner (running back Derrick Henry) and a quarterback who's better than you think (Jay Coker) and a soul-crushing defense, and of course it has Saban, who hardly ever loses these deals.

So, 'Bama wins, 24-17. Saban kinda-sorta smiles. The over-privileged 'Bama fan base celebrates loudly but with a sort of going-through-the-motions vibe. Yay.

Or, yawn. Both start with "y," so you're good either way.


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