Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wildcats unchained

OK, just to get it out of the way: I still don't think Kentucky's going unbeaten.

Someone will get them. Sometime. Somewhere.

But I'm saying that with a little less conviction today.

This after another encounter in which the Wildcats turned another allegedly quality opponent into an oil stain. This time it was UCLA, and what happened was so gruesome that, somewhere out in the Great Beyond, John Wooden undoubtedly uttered a mighty oath.

"Goodness gracious," probably. I think that was his favorite.

What happened was Kentucky hauled off and went into halftime with a 41-7 lead. Read that again: 41-7. And this was against UCLA, not the International College of Puff Pastries And Other Baked Goods.

It wound up 83-44 after the Wildcats took their foot off the gas in the second half, a display of dominance so jaw-dropping Kentucky head coach John Calipari was compelled to point out that "they're not machines and they're not computers," and that "they don't play great every time out."

Yes, well. Whatever.

The fact remains the Wildcats are 12-0 and now have another convert in the whole run-the-table meme, that being UCLA coach Steve Alford. Alford declared the Wildcats, if they continued to play defense the way they did in the first half against the Bruins, had a chance "to run this thing out."

This from a guy who starred at Indiana, the last school to run the thing out.

As for me ... well, as I said, I stand by my prediction.

Clear across the room from it, these days. But still.


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