Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hail to the Chef

... or something like that, just to get into the spirit of presidential gaffes.

President Obama generally isn't known as the malaprop monster his predecessor was, but he cranked out a doozy in his news conference yesterday. And if nothing else,  it was at least revealing about where his outside interests lie.

The Prez has a well-earned rep as the most sports-savvy chief executive since Richard Nixon; the guy's a SportsCenter junkie, and he plays pickup hoops, for heaven's sake. And so no big surprise that when he addressed the issue of the ill-fated film "The Interview," he flubbed his lines along, well, sports lines.

Called one of the film's stars, James Franco, James Flacco.

As in, you know, Joe Flacco, the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens.

Which tells me he's less a Hollywood guy than a football guy, which is frankly OK by me. I'd rather have a guy in the White House who knows who the quarterback of the Ravens is -- and who actually roots for his Chicago teams, no matter what city he happens to be in -- than a guy who knows Jameis Flacco's filmography off the top of his head.

Oops. I meant, "Jameis Franco."  James Franco. Whatever.  

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