Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A few brief thoughts about NFL Week 16

And now, this week's installment of The NFL In So Many Words, the Blob feature hailed by Motor Trend magazine as its Car Of The Year for 1975, and by the Royal Archeological Institute as "a splendid example of early cave drawings":

1. Well, at least the Colts will always have the AFC South.

2. Aka, "Indianapolis And Them Others."

3. Meanwhile, the Cowboys!

4. Are the greatest team in NFL history again, because, they're the Cowboys! And it's December and they beat the Colts like Ali beat Mildenberger, which means they could still make it to the Super Bowl -- which they'd win, of course, because, they're the Cowboys!

5. ( The "Super Bowl" in this case not to be confused with the "Super Bowl," which the Patriots and Packers played a few weeks ago in Lambeau Field).

6.  Hey, that guy kind of looks like Peyton Manning!

7. Nah. Guess not.

8. Doggone it. Lost the Saints again. Coulda swear they were just here.

9. Maybe they got eaten by the Seahawks.

10. Who are suddenly eating everything in sight. Because, you know, they turned out to be the Seahawks after all.

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