Monday, October 3, 2016

This Just In, the weekend edition

Before we move off the weekend, here's a new Blob feature I just made up, and which may be recurring or may not be, but probably won't because the Blob isn't particularly adept at follow-through.

It's This Just In, Blobophiles! The weekend edition!

(As if, again, there's ever been any other editions, or ever will be).

Anyway ... This Just In:

1. Wait, you mean the Cardinals aren't gonna win the World Series?

2. And what do you mean they didn't even make the playoffs?

3. Wait, you mean the Patriots aren't gonna get away with it scot free?

4. And what do you mean Buffalo shut them out in Foxborough? I thought that was like, you know, illegal.

And last but not least ...

5. Wait, you mean the Bears actually won a game?

6. And what do you mean, "Brian Hoyer for President"?

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