Thursday, October 20, 2016


Remember yesterday, when the Blob said this?

If Lackey can keep the Dodgers in check -- and if someone in the Cubs lineup gets solid wood on the ball just one time -- the floodgates could open. Momentum, after all, is a myth. That's especially true in baseball, where momentum is the next at-bat.

Maybe now you'll listen to me.

(OK, maybe not. But this time. At least this time, 'cause I was right for once, and that doesn't happen very often, so I would like the satisfaction of saying "Maybe now you'll listen me.")

Where was I again?

Oh, yeah, I said this thing wasn't over, that if the Cubs could get solid wood on the ball, the floodgates could open. And they did. Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell, who looked lost until last night, had six hits between them. The Cubs had 13. And the Cubs won Game 4 10-2 to even the series.

Of course ... the rest of what I said still applies: Momentum is a myth.

Which means today is a clean sheet, and here we go again. The Cubs will run out Jon Lester again, and Dodgers' manager Dave Roberts says he won't come with Clayton Kershaw on short rest, which means the odds tilt back in the Cubs' favor to take this back to Chicago with a 3-2 lead.

Unless ...

Unless Roberts is lying. Which he could be.

In which case, as always, who knows. All I know is this: The Cubs are still the favorites to win the and advance to the World Series for the first time in 71 years.

This is not because they are, as we keep hearing, still the best team in baseball.

It's because this also happened yesterday.

Cubs vs. Indians: The Someone's Got To Not Lose Series.

It's fate. It's karma. It's simply meant to be.     

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