Saturday, October 29, 2016

Panic time in Wrigleyville

OK, so not really. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

However ...

However, the Cubs have now been shut out twice in three World Series games and four times all told in the playoffs, going down 1-0 to Josh Tomlin and the Cleveland Indians' usual array of bullpen help. And tonight they get to face Corey Kluber again, who silenced them in Game 1. And Game 3 did re-establish the prevailing opinion, which is that the Indians' top-to-bottom depth in pitching and manager Terry Francona's impeccable ability to shift that depth around to his advantage are going to make the Indians very, very hard to beat.

And maybe impossible to beat.

No, it's not time to panic yet. If the Indians could find a way to beat Kyle Hendricks, the Cubs could find a way to beat Kluber, whom they've at least seen now. And their record against pitchers whom they've seen at least once is yea better than their record against pitchers they haven't.

 But the road to winning their first Series since 1908 just got exponentially more difficult, and the numbers are heavily against them now. And the Indians still have Francona pulling the levers.

Hmm. Maybe a little panic wouldn't be out of place right now.

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