Saturday, October 22, 2016

A most excellent suggestion

Kudos to my former Journal Gazette colleague Justin Cohn for this one.

Now that the Cleveland Indians are in the World Series, awaiting their partners in stinky karma the Cubs (The Dodgers? Who wants to see that?), it's time to think about who throws out the first pitch for Game 1 of the Series in Cleveland next week. And, as Justin rightly points out, there can be only one appropriate person to do this.

No, not LeBron.

No, not Drew Carey.

No, not some past Indians legend, assuming of course that the Indians even have any past legends who aren't dead at the present time.

(Although I suppose Go Joe Charboneau might qualify)

No, sir. None of the above. There's only one person right for this job, and it's this guy.

Wild Thing! Come on, are you kidding me? Who the hell else?

Well, apparently anyone else, because Major League Baseball, dryer-lint-for-brains nitwits that they are, has already nixed the idea. Idiots. I mean, come on: You fly in Charlie Sheen, you dress him in Rick Vaughn's uni, you stick the goofy black glasses on his face ... the place will go nuts! America will go nuts, because if "Major League" isn't the quintessential Cleveland baseball meme, there is no quintessential Cleveland baseball meme.

Wild Thing. Yes. Accept no substitutes.

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