Monday, October 24, 2016

Heretical thought for today

America will watch, Ray. This time, America will watch.

("Oh, God. Another hackneyed 'Field of Dreams' reference." -- The Blobosphere)

("Quit dragging me into hackneyed 'Field of Dreams' references!" -- Ray)

OK, OK. But it's true. America's gonna watch. This World Series, it will watch.

That's because it's the Cubs and the Indians, who haven't won the Series in a combined 176 years. That predates the World Series. Heck, it practically predates baseball. (Or actually does, depending on which creation myth you believe).

That's why this is going to be, in the Blob's humble opinion, the most-watched World Series in years and years. Everyone wants to see what happens when Epic Failure meets Even More Epic Failure. Someone has to not Fail this time, and we all want to be there to watch it when it happens.

As some poster of some guy in Cleveland likes to put it, We Are All Witnesses.

And so this time, this one time, the World Series might actually wrestle the national attention span away from the mega-corporation that is the National Football League. This is, of course, utter heresy, especially if you're the mega-corporation. But it's true nonetheless.

That's because the NFL's ratings are down, at least by NFL standards. Numerous pundits are opining why that is, the less-hinged among them suggesting it's all Colin Kaepernick's fault for his eloquent act of conscience.

(This is ridiculous, naturally. Moving the NFL's ponderous viewing needle to an extent it would be noticeable would require some intensely organized national movement among the super-patriots. And there's zero evidence such a movement exists.)

More credible is the NFL's continued ham-fisted bungling of the whole domestic violence issue, in which the Shield talks a good game before letting Josh Brown off the hook for terrorizing his wife. Even more credible, frankly, is what happened Sunday night.

What happened, with the entire country still buzzing about the Cubs, was Seattle 6, Arizona 6. On national TV.

"The Cubs are going to the World Series!" America cried.

"Three hours, four field goals!" the NFL replied.

Yessir. America will watch.

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