Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A few brief thoughts on NFL Week 4

And now this week's edition of The NFL In So Many Words, the long-running Blob feature of which many people have said, "Geez, this is long-running!", and  also "It just keeps running and running! Who does it think it is, Abebe  Bikila?":

(Obscure Reference, Explained: Abebe Bikila was the Ethiopian who won the Olympic marathon back-to-back in 1960 and '64. In Rome in 1960, he became famous for running it barefoot)


1. Thank you, Bills. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

2. Asia. I vote Asia.

3. (Aka, "Continents Where The Indianapolis Colts Might Yet Resemble A Football Team")

4. (Since North America and Europe didn't pan out)

5. Pssst. Hey, Vikings. The Purple People Eaters called. They'd like their patent back.

6. The Bears!

7. Won!

8. No, really!

9. Antarctica! Hey, how about Antarctica?

10. (Stop. You're just being silly now)

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