Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Story time

Well, this just gets stranger and stranger.

Remember that yarn American swimmer Ryan Lochte spun the other day, about how he and three other American swimmers got robbed at gunpoint by thieves posing as police officers?

It seems the Rio police are having grave doubts about the authenticity of Lochte's tale, claiming his and the others' accounts keep changing and the authorities can't find anyone to corroborate their story. Which means one of a couple things:

1. Lochte made the whole thing up because he's a weapons-grade attention whore and general weirdo. I mean, we all remember his short-lived (and numbingly stupid) reality show.

2. The Rio cops are simply playing CYA because the thieves really did pose as cops or actually were cops, which is possible because Brazil would have to be the only nation on the face of the Earth without dirty cops if it were not possible. Which of course is not possible.

Confused yet?

Update: A Brazilian judge has ordered Lochte's and another swimmer's passports be seized. If they're still in the country.

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