Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Brain cramp

Such a weird deal, the human brain. Most of the time it's relatively easy to engage, and (it goes without saying) easier for some than others.  Then there are the times it simply refuses to turn over, like your car on a cold morning.

Enter a certain employee of the Chicago Cubs, whose brain failed spectacularly to engage the other night.

There was Aroldis Chapman, ace closer and accused choker of his girlfriend. And there was said employee, deciding a certain tune would be the appropriate accompaniment after Chapman retired the side.

The tune was, um, "Smack My B**ch Up," by some alleged artist called Prodigy.

And here you're wondering, probably needlessly, "What the (bleep) was he thinking?", because the answer ("He wasn't") is obvious. Extra points if you also wondered "What the (bleep) is a piece of misogynist trash like that even doing on the ballpark playlist?"

The Cubs, properly mortified, fired the guy. One can only hope his successor finds something more appropriate the next time Chapman appears in a game.

I'm thinking this.

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