Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The problem with the news media, see, is they insist on asking questions.

No, not the Game Show Host's line, although he'd probably second it, given his imperious how-dare-you-call-me-on-my-BS nature and thin-to-the-point-of-translucence skin.

This one belongs to Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh (aka "Har-bawl"), who gathered up his toys and went home Monday after a reporter had the temerity to ask a follow-up question concerning a couple of suspensions. Harbaugh thought that was dirty pool, and everything that was wrong these days with the media, which simply doesn't know when to shut up when they're told to by football coaches and the like.

"That's why I don't give you any information. Because you're never satisfied," Harbaugh whined. "You always have a second question, a third question, a fourth question."

Well ... yeah. That's kinda what reporters do, Jimmy.

In this case, it was only two questions, both entirely legitimate. Harbaugh announced the suspensions and said they were being handled internally. Because of that, no one then asked what the players were being suspended for, because that's what "being handled internally" means. What it doesn't cover is how long the suspensions were for, and so someone asked that.

Harbaugh snapped that he said it was being handled internally, a non-sequitir. Then he stomped off.

Which is nothing new, frankly. Coaches are control freaks; they will do whatever they deem necessary to control even those over whom they have no authority. It's what they do.

But it's not, and never is, a good look when they do it. They invariably just come off looking childish and over-reactive. Harbaugh's been around long enough to know that. Which makes the Blob wonder if something else was going on to elicit such a, yes, childish and over-reactive response.

Of course, whatever it is, I'm sure it's being handled internally.  

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