Sunday, August 14, 2016

Murk that works, sort of

So by now everyone knows about that water deal in Rio, which does not have anything to do with the open sewer that comprises some of the outdoor venues (although a kayaker did hit a submerged couch during a training run). It has to do with the indoor venues, which no one thought would be an issue until the water started turning green and brown and foul-smelling at the diving venue and water polo venue next door.

American diver Abby Johnston dubbed her venue "The Swamp," incurring the social media wrath of proud Brazilians everywhere. On the other hand, she said she had no issues diving in it. Perhaps this is because no submerged couches have been discovered in it -- which, to be honest, would kind of make the diving more exciting in a twisted sort of way.

(Brief pause for mental image of David Boudia executing a perfect half-gainer between a plush pull-out sofa bed and a finely appointed recliner).

Anyway ... apparently some Brazilian officials are sufficiently embarrassed by The Swamp to declare they'll be draining the adjacent water polo venue and filling it with clean water, on account of the synchronized swimming is about to begin there and half of synchronized swimming happens under the water. Which means you've kind of got to see underwater, and green, murky, swampy water would be a definite detriment to that.

Here's what I think: I think it's synchronized swimming. And the Blob's admittedly chauvinistic attitude toward synchronized swimming is the less we can see of it, the better.

(This would also apply to rhythmic gymnastics, aka, "recess." But that's another Blob for another day).

Like women's gymnastics, synchronized swimming does nothing for me, except when these guys do it. So if murky water would prevent me from viewing half the show, my inclination to flip the channel to, say, a "Law & Order: SVU" rerun would prevent me from watching the rest of it, anyway.


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