Sunday, November 2, 2014

The playoff scenario,ND version

So, remember a week ago, when the Blob posited that Notre Dame's loss to Florida State might actually be seen as a win?

Welcome to yesterday, when a win over Navy might actually have functioned as ... a loss.

Follow along, Blobophiles:  Yes, the Irish beat Navy, but the Middies strapped 39 points on them in a not-terribly-impressive 49-39 N.D. win. Meanwhile, Oregon was hanging a 45-16 lamination on Stanford, which made Notre Dame's win over the Cardinal -- its signature win so far -- gleam a little less.

Both No 1 Mississippi State and No. 2 Florida State won, albeit not impressively, while No. 3 Auburn beat No. 4 Ole Miss. But No. 5 Oregon's impressive win means no one beneath the Ducks is as likely to move up as the Ducks. And two of the teams in front of N.D., Kansas State and TCU, both won.

Conclusion: Notre Dame isn't likely moving out of the No. 10 spot in the playoff poll. And you might want to make plans for some sorta-big-deal-but-not-that-big-a-deal bowl if you're a Domester, 'cause that's where you're headed. 

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