Friday, November 28, 2014

Humor deficiency

Here's something we can be thankful for, on this day after Thanksgiving: You can cross at least one person off your hard-to-buy-for Christmas list.

That person is Tiger Woods -- who on Thanksgiving passed the five-year anniversary of the great Marital Discord/Fire Hydrant Ramming Incident that sent his career into its recurring spiral.

What you can put under the tree for him is not a gaudy sweater or a pair of reindeer socks with little flashing lights, but a sense of humor. 'Cause he needs one.

This after he reacted to a gentle literary poke by whining that it was a "grudge-filled piece of character assassination" and enclosing a link to a letter sent by his agent to Conde Nast, the owners of Golf Digest, where the piece appeared.

Couple of things:

`1. The story is identified in the headline as a "fake interview," it's clearly satirical, and it's clearly not meant to be taken seriously.

2. It was written by sportswriting lege Dan Jenkins, a master of far more withering satire than can  be found in this piece (See: "Semi-Tough," "Dead Solid Perfect," "Life Its Ownself," "You Gotta Play Hurt," etc., etc.). In fact, in circles where perspective is actually a thing, it's considered an honor to be lampooned by Jenkins.

That's not the kind of circle in which Woods moves, however. He's more a member of the  I'm Tiger Woods And You're Not circle, aka the Do You Know Who I Am? circle, aka the How Dare You Make Fun Of Me, I'm Tiger Woods, Damn It! circle.

I think we all know what Tiger can do with those circles. Or to put it another way: Get over yourself, dude.

And for those who want to know what the fuss is about, here's a link to Jenkins' piece. Consider it your early Christmas gift.

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