Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A street with THE name

OK, so it's not a statue. Which would have taken too much time, anyway, for those of us who marked our winters growing up with "Look out!" coming out of our radios on frigid snow-whirling nights, with "Look ... shoot ... SCORE!" and then that particular thunder a Komet hockey crowd makes, one that can never precisely be duplicated by any other Allen County War Memorial Coliseum thunder.

Bob Chase, that voice, and the Coliseum, that place, are tied together in a thousand ways that go straight to the bone. And so it was high time to get cracking on recognizing that.

Which is why the circle drive in front of the Coliseum will be known from here on as Bob Chase Way, in honor of the man who took Komet hockey and the Coliseum national, and who passed in Thanksgiving week last November.  There will be a sign. You will be able to see it from the bypass. It will be a fitting and proper tribute.

Sometimes we get things right in this city. We just do.

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