Saturday, June 10, 2017

A really brief thought on Game 4

Because I don't have a lot of time today.

But Cavs 137, Warriors 116 does merit a comment.

The comment is about how much the Blob hugely enjoys prisoner-of-the-moment memes like the one we've been hearing this week, which is that "the torch has been passed" from LeBron James to Kevin Durant as the best basketball player on the planet. 

The comment is this: Stop it, fools. You're killin' me.

I mean, seriously. Three basketball games go the Warriors' way simply because they're a better team, so Kevin Durant is now the best player in the game? Even though LeBron averaged a triple-double in those three games?

Stop it, fools.

Because what do you say now that the Cavs crushed it in Game 4 and LeBron put up another trip-dub?

Um, remember all that stuff we said about KD surpassing LeBron because KD didn't pass to a WIDE OPEN Kyle Korver in the fourth quarter like LeBron did the other night, proving ... uh, proving ... oh, I don't remember, exactly ...

Never mind.

Stop it, fools. Just stop it.

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