Friday, June 23, 2017

Hey, look! It's a draft!

The NBA draft was in Brooklyn last night, and, no, the Blob was not taken again for the 44th straight year. Apparently there is no market these days for a 6-foot-1 62-year-old whose jumper is more a hopper these days, and in any case departed the premises quite awhile ago.

Some other guys did get the call, though, and so here are a few brief thoughts on the whole business:

1. The Suns got a better pick at 4 than the Celtics did at 3.

This is because I like Josh Jackson of Kansas more than I do Jayson Tatum from Duke. Sorry. I just do.

2. The Trail Blazers had a hell of a draft.

They got, let's see, Justin Jackson from North Carolina, Harry Giles from Duke and Caleb Swanigan from Purdue.

That's a strong draft. It's especially strong when you consider how in love everyone was with Giles before he got hurt and lost some of his explosiveness. Word is that's coming back now. So maybe he winds up being the steal of this draft.

And Swanigan?

Poor man's Draymond Green on the top end, solid bench help on the bottom end. Think he'll be better than some draftniks project.

3. The "OG" in OG Anunoby stands for either "Oh, gee!" or "Oh. Gee."

Listen, NBA teams draft potential, and Anunoby is the gold-card example of that. Two seasons ago, when he was an understudy in the IU system, he came on like the next Victor Olapido. This past winter, as a far more prominent part of the equation, he wasn't remotely the same player -- even before he got hurt.

So the Raptors rolled the dice at 23 with him. Either he's the guy everyone saw in 2015-16, or he's the guy everyone saw last season. Time will tell.

4. Paul George is still a Pacer, and Jimmy Butler is not a Cav.

The Blob's response to the first: No, I don't know why.

The Blob's response to the second: The Timberwolves should send Dan Gilbert, the Cavs' idiot owner, a decorative fruit basket. With a card that reads, "Thanks, knucklehead, for getting rid of your GM while he was working on his own deal with Butler. We appreciate the gesture."

5. Watching LaVar Ball walk around New York running his mouth was, I can't help it, fun.

New Yorkers, generally immune to celebrity, were acting like a bunch of star-struck gomers from Keokuk -- stopping him on the street to say hi, shaking his hand, the whole bit. And of course LaVar was eating it up. If ever a city and a personality were made for each other ...

6.  The Celtics picked a guy named Bird. Naturally.

OK, so it wasn't Larry this time. It was Jabari Bird, a shooting guard from California. And Boston took him with its last pick in the second round.


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