Wednesday, June 7, 2017

So you say there's still a chance

I suppose the Desperately Seeking A Series crowd could be right.  If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Game 7, or something like that.

You know, the Cavaliers were down 2-0 last year, too ...

LeBron, Kyrie and K-Love are showing up. All the Cavs need is for Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith to do ANYTHING ...

... and they will, because those guys always play better at home ...

... so this could easily be 2-2 going back to Cali ...

OK. Stop. Enough.

I don't care if the Cavs were down 2-0 going to Cleveland last year, too.

I don't care if Tristan and J.R. can't possibly be as invisible at home as they were on the road.

I don't even care if the Cavs win Game 3 tonight, which I fully expect them to do, because that's how these things tend to go.

The Warriors are still going to win this, and easier than anyone who cares about the NBA would like. They're going to do that because they have Kevin Durant now on top of Steph and Draymond and everyone they had last year, and the Cavaliers have essentially the same guys, minus a transcendent add-on like KD.

KD makes everyone else on the Warriors even deadlier than they already were, because he's this huge presence you have to account for on both ends while you're still trying to account for Steph 'n' them. The Cavaliers, no stellar defensive team anyway, can't do it. Hell, they barely beat this team when it didn't have Kevin Durant. How are they going to do it now? And especially when Durant is so clearly in full beast mode?

The first two games pretty much answered that. They're not.

A disturbing factoid, if you're Cleveland: The Cavaliers lost by 22 and 19 in Games 1 and 2, even though LeBron averaged a triple-double. And even though Kyrie averaged 21.5 points and 4.5 assists. And even though Kevin Love averaged 21 points and 14 rebounds.

In other words, the Big Three did what the Big Three are supposed to do. And they still got smoked.

So, yeah, OK.  Maybe there's still a chance this could turn into a series.

But unless Draymond Green gets suspended again, or gamblers kidnap KD?

I doubt it.

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