Saturday, March 11, 2017

One other thing we kind of knew

Which is, that Robert Montgomery Knight will never change.

Much hoo-ha yesterday over an interview Knight gave to Dan Patrick, in which he said he'd never go back to Indiana University (duh), and also that he wished everyone who had anything to do with his firing would die.

The last seemed beyond the pale even for Knight, until you realize that nothing's ever been beyond the pale for Knight. A man who could publicly humiliate an NCAA tournament moderator for a harmless mistake (Google "Rance Pugmire") is certainly capable of wishing people dead simply because, finally and correctly, they stood up to him.

It's the sort of pronouncement you'd expect from a bitter old man, of which Knight has become the archetype. And to one's surprise. Those of us who covered and observed him closely knew this is exactly how the endgame would play out for him.

It was perhaps the only entirely predictable thing about the man ever. And sadly so.

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