Thursday, March 16, 2017

Speaking of brackets ...

... the former President of the United States has again made his annual NCAA Tournament picks, stepping up after the current President turned down ESPN's offer, probably because he couldn't figure out how to rig the system so he could pick himself.

(The current President and the rest of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade will likely take this as more evidence of Barack Obama's sinister shadow government. Calm down, children. It's just basketball).

(Although it would have been hilarious if, after making his picks, Obama would have taken a Hot Pocket out of the microwave. And then pointedly arched one eyebrow).

Anyway, Obama's pick is North Carolina over Duke in the championship game. Which actually could well happen. He's also got Michigan in the Elite Eight. He's also got Arizona beating Notre Dame in the Elite Eight after Notre Dame knocks out Gonzaga in the Sweet Sixteen.

All of this could also happen. Or, you know, not. Probably not.

Me, I'm picking all four 16 seeds.

To show up.

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