Friday, March 3, 2017

Back to the future

Faithful readers of the Blob (Hi, sis!) know it is, above all else, a Crabby Back-In-My-Day Geezer Zone. If it had a logo, it would be a kid dressed like Randy from "A Christmas Story" slogging through a desolate Arctic wasteland, snow up to his waist.

Oh, and he'd be slogging uphill. Eternally.

And so kudos to the Los Angeles Rams, who got joyously made fun of in this space and many others when they unveiled a logo that was basically the Dodgers logo, only slanted and with a tail. They just made up for that big-time.

Check out their new uniform re-do. Note especially the helmets.

Returning to your roots is never a bad move, especially in Geezerville, and this is returning to the roots in spades. That navy-and-white look is straight out of the '60s, after all, and how cool is that? Squint just right and you can see Roman Gabriel, old No. 18, taking a snap and dropping back. You can see squat little Dick Bass, No. 22, taking a handoff and scooting off tackle. You can see Merlin Olsen, No. 74, shedding blockers and closing in on some poor opposing quarterback like doom itself.

If you're a geezer like the one that inhabits the Blob, the '60s NFL is the NFL you grew up with, and it still resonates. It's Roman Gabriel and Bart Starr and John Unitas and Fran Tarkenton. It's Bass and Gale Sayers and Leroy Kelly. It's, yes, the Rams in their navy-and-white helmets.

So good for you, Rams. You've done Geezer Nation proud.

Now if you could only sign Roman Gabriel again.

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