Friday, March 24, 2017

A one-word assessment of Kansas


That's it. That's the word.

Hardly anything else works after watching the Jayhawks utterly destroy the Big Ten champions last night, winning by 32 and coming a bucket shy of 100 points. It's the second straight time a  Big Ten team has clearly just run out of gas trying to keep up with them; Kansas did the same thing to Michigan State in the round of 32.

But Michigan State wasn't Purdue. Purdue had the nation's best big man (Caleb Swanigan) and a decent 7-footer (Isaac Haas) and a bunch of guys who can stick the 3, and ... and, well, it didn't matter.

Kansas still overwhelmed the Boilers.

Swarmed Swanigan in the paint. Gave only the tiniest open looks from the arc. Wore the Boilermakers out, wore them down, then simply blew them away.

The Blob is a no-bracket zone, a decision it made after too many years of losing office pools to That Person Who Picks His/Her Bracket According To The Cuteness Of The Mascot. But if you've got Kansas winning it all, you're looking pretty good right now. It's gonna take some doing to beat this team.

Probably too much doing.

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