Sunday, March 5, 2017

Today in Grayson Allen

... in which the Duke guard/serial hoops criminal flagrantly elbowed a North Carolina player in the face.

And then, inexplicably, got to go to the free throw line because the gutless ref called a double foul instead of the deserved flagrant foul on the annoying little goober.

Apparently he was given a reprieve because at least he didn't trip the guy this time. Good a theory as any.

Look. I don't know when the Goober's gonna get his.

(It should have been the next time down the floor, when, if the Blob had been coaching UNC, I'd have instructed my guys to leave Allen an open lane to the basket and then high-lowed him when he left his feet. Hey, if he wants to play dirty, I'll show him dirty.)

Alas, it didn't happen, because a much better human being than I am, Roy Williams, coaches North Carolina. And so payback will wait.

But, lordy. You've gotta figure it's gonna be some kind of hell when it comes.

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