Tuesday, March 14, 2017

OK, so maybe Tom Crean ought to go somewhere*

(* -- Because even his school is embarrassed by his program).

Or at least you can take it that way.

And so forget what the Blob said the other day, and welcome to the sequel to what the Blob said, which is somewhat different. That's because what the Blob said the other day happened before Indiana University was given the opportunity to host tonight's NIT opener against Georgia Tech, and Indiana University said, "Nah, we're good."

Athletic director Fred Glass claimed the Hoosiers turned down the date because it was spring break and the students are gone, but this seemed weak even as the words left his mouth. Truth is, the students have never been much of a factor in IU scheduling home dates. That's because the students aren't the fan base Indiana, or almost any other school, most avidly courts. All you have to do is check out the nooks, crannies and nosebleeds where IU sticks them to understand that.

More likely, this is about not wanting America to see a half-empty Hall on TV -- or worse, a half-empty Hall baying for the head of its coach, Tom Crean. And so IU will send the Hoosiers to Atlanta, in much the way you send your crazy uncle to the attic when the neighbors drop by.

That may not have been Indiana's intent here. But you sure can't blame people for seeing it that way.

And can you blame those same people for thinking Glass will breathe a tiny sigh of relief if Georgia Tech ends the Hoosiers' season tonight?

Dragging out a campaign that became such a major bummer serves no purpose at this point, after all, because no Indiana fan is invested in this. Truth is, CrimsonNation stopped caring about this team several weeks ago, when it became apparent its early promise was a cruel mirage.

And if they've stopped caring about Crean's program, and the IU hierarchy has seemingly stopped caring about Crean's program, why is it still Crean's program?

A very good question. And one that may get an answer sooner than we all think.  

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