Sunday, February 12, 2017

Your Throwback Sunday moment

... and, yes, the Blob knows it's supposed to be Throwback Thursday. But then, it's never been a particular respecter of memes, unless it's memes the Blob has made up itself, like, well, Throwback Sunday.

And so, for your viewing enjoyment, we bring you Florida Gators guard Canyon Barry, who is indeed another of Rick Barry's sons. The young Barry just proved himself to be a Canyon off the old block by setting the Florida record for most consecutive free throws made with 39.

And, yes, he did exactly the way Pops did: With that older-than-old-school underhand stroke.

Sure, it looks weird. Sure, it's an express-mail delivery from Dorksville, and also from your granddad's day -- aka Back Then We Played Defense And Didn't Hotdog It While We Were Taking The Ball Out Of The Peach Basket. And We Shot It With Both Hands!

Still ... there is something weirdly awesome about watching a guy shoot free throws underhanded in 2016. If you squint your eyes just right, it feels like time travel. Suddenly it's 1930 again and you're standing in a soup line while everyone wonders why Hoover doesn't get off his butt and do something about this doggone Depression.

Or, I don't know, suddenly it's 1975 and Pops Barry himself is playing again.

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