Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dumb, meet dumber

And now we check in one more time on the Trainwreck That Walks Like An NBA Franchise, aka the New York Knick(ed)s, aka Public Relations? We Don't Need No Public Relations.

Let's go to the tape, shall we?

* First, here's the guy who built this mess of a team, Phil Jackson, sniping passively-aggressively once again at the team's star, Carmelo Anthony, because he isn't man enough to come out and say he doesn't want the guy, and also because he wasn't man enough to tell his owner he wasn't going to re-sign him. Now he's soured the relationship so badly it's rumored Carmelo will refuse any trade (he has a no-trade clause) just to spite Jackson.

Nice job, Phil!

* Moving right along, here's a video clip of Madison Square Garden security goons physically dragging Knicks icon Charles Oakley out of the arena after Oak got a little rambunctious the other night (or didn't, in Oakley's version). This was followed by a snotty tweet from the Knick(ed)s saying they hope he gets help soon.

Way to humiliate one of your all-time greats, Knick(ed)s!

* And now, there's this: Oakley has been banned from MSG, with Knick(ed)s owner/cartoon character James Dolan suggesting, sans proof, that Oakley has a drinking problem.

Way to continue humiliating (and possibly smear) one of your all-time greats, Knick(ed)s!

Can't wait for some usher to turn Clyde Frazier away at the door some night because he didn't recognize him.

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