Monday, February 27, 2017

Still not getting it

Well. At least she apologized.

But Baylor women's basketball coach Kim Mulkey gets minimal credit for that, precisely because she is the women's basketball coach at Baylor. Which is to say, she gets no benefit of the doubt here, because her school gets no benefit of the doubt. That's what it's earned for its coddling of a football program that by all accounts was coddling runaway sexual assault.

A university, or any entity, develops a culture deliberately, by either its actions or its inactions. Baylor's inaction in dealing with the criminal element in its football program -- and its action in allegedly discouraging and/or intimidating the alleged victims of that element -- has created a culture in Waco at startling odds with its Baptist tradition. And it's earned the school the lawsuit from one of the alleged victims claiming that, in the last four years, 31 players have committed 52 acts of sexual assault.

The university has purged itself of all the main characters in this awful business, but, as Mulkey demonstrated, the culture of denial continues. Her upon-further-review bit of damage control notwithstanding, Mulkey's knee-jerk first reaction speaks far more loudly. It was, after all, pure Baylor, or what a lot of the country has come to see as pure Baylor.

And so, sorry, Coach, but, yes, I do have a daughter, and I wouldn't let her within 50 nautical miles of Baylor. And I don't care if you or some other Baylor apologist punches me in the face for saying so, as you suggested before coming to your senses. And I really don't care if you're tired of hearing about all of this, as you also said.

 Want to know why?

Because in saying it, you were displaying the exact reason why I wouldn't let my daughter within 50 nautical miles of Baylor. By saying you're tired of hearing about sexual assault, see, you unwittingly echoed the mindset of your school, in my opinion. And you just as unwittingly revealed that your school still doesn't take the concerns of its coed population and their parents seriously. Like you, it just wants all of it to go away.

Which is exactly why it won't, and shouldn't.

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