Sunday, May 31, 2015

Next stop, Hollywood

Paging Angelo Pizzo ... paging Angelo Pizzo ...

Your next movie script is ready to be written.

Surely the man who collaborated with fellow Hoosier David Anspaugh on "Hoosiers" and "Rudy" will not be able to resist "Caped Crusaders," the heartwarming tale of a humble high school football team on Cape Cod, and the big-time coach who comes to lead them to glory. Or, you know, something like that.

This upon the news that former Green Bay Packers coach Mike Sherman has decided to come out of retirement to coach ... a humble high school football team on Cape Cod. Yes, that's right. Sherman, who hails from just down the road and lives in West Dennis, the next burg down the Cape, will become the new football coach for Nauset High School. He's doing this, he says, because, well, he misses coaching. And the game is never more purely about coaching than it is on the high school level.

He is, of course, not the first former NFL coach who's done this. But he might be the first coach who could still get an NFL job if he wanted it who's done this. And he's surely the first guy who not only coached in the NFL but coached one of its iconic franchises.

So he goes from Aaron Rodgers to, I don't know, whoever the quarterback is at Nauset High School. That's some sea change for you, and not just because said high school is surrounded by the sea. Think of the dramatic possibilities!

COACH SHERMAN: You can do this, (Insert Quarterback Name Here)! I know you can!

INSERT QUARTERBACK NAME HERE: But, Coach, I'm not Aaron Rodgers! And I'm not ever gonna be! I'm just a kid who's trying to score some chicks and get a scholly to Southern New Hampshire!

COACH SHERMAN (sits down, throws a fatherly arm around his shoulders): You're better than that, Insert Quarterback Name Here. I see great things in you. I believe in you. And you know else believes in you? This guy.

(Cut to Aaron Rodgers walking into the room).



INSERT QUARTERBACK NAME HERE: Can you do that Discount Double Check thing?

There you go, Angelo Pizzo. You take it from here.      

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