Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hooray for corruption

You know how people say we get the government we deserve?

Apparently that works for soccer, too.

Apparently the people who run international soccer want more corruption and palm-greasing and out-and-out theft, because that's what they voted for yesterday. Faced with a choice between a guy (Prince Ali) who ran on a platform of reform and another guy (sitting president Sepp Blatter) presiding over the worst scandal in FIFA's 111-year history,  international soccer chose Scandal Boy.

Under Blatter, FIFA has been the most corrupt ruling body in sports, a steaming pile in which the U.S. just set off a nuclear device by indicting 14 people on charges of bribery, racketeering, fraud and money-laundering that go back 20 years. Yet the voters cheered Blatter's re-election, indicating that they enjoy being a criminal enterprise, not to say the laughing stock of everyone outside their own cloistered world.

And how did their guy address all of that?

By pronouncing himself "the president of everybody." By flicking away the widespread corruption as "some organizational problems." Oh, and by saying they need more women on the committee.

Yepper. That'll fix everything.


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