Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fool me twice

You can convince yourself of almost anything if you need it enough. That's your Blob homily for this morning.

And so the Chicago Bears were compelled to cut loose serial bad actor Ray McDonald Monday, a course of action they could have saved themselves if they hadn't signed him to begin with. The 49ers knew who McDonald was, which is why they cut him loose. You don't get, nor deserve, the benefit of the doubt anymore when you get collared for pounding on women in the National Football League, not after the Ray Rice debacle left the public thinking the Shield was soft on domestic abuse.

And so McDonald should have been radioactive. He also should have been radioactive because domestic abusers don't often change their spots on their own. If they'll hit a woman once, they'll hit her again.

And so no surprise that McDonald was arrested again in California on domestic violence and child endangerment charges, five months after his December arrest for sexual assault, a case that is still open and that compelled the 49ers to dump him. To his credit, Bears chairman George McCaskey initially refused to sign the guy because of that, but changed his mind.

And why?

Well, because McDonald and McDonald's parents convinced him to. But also because -- mainly because -- McDonald is a still-serviceable 3-4 defensive lineman who could have helped a Bears defense that was in desperate need of it.

And so defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who worked with McDonald out in San Francisco convinced everyone that McDonald was a basically decent guy who'd gotten a raw deal from (of course) the media. Maybe Fangio actually believed that.  Or maybe it was just because McDonald, at 31, could still play a little.

Which would be a huge upgrade over all those Bear down-seven guys who demonstrably can't.

And so, welcome to Chicago, Ray. Please don't get arrested agai--

Ah, crap.

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